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About Us

Floyera Foundation is registered under Trust act in Ahmedabad No. E/22409.

Kokila Patel – Chairman

This foundation is headed by an experienced woman Kokila Patel who has vast experience in ensuring rural development. She has a credit for promoting large numbers of Self Help groups, developing proper training materials for them. She has ensured tree plantations, water conservation by initiating people’s action at a greater scale. She organised many blood donations camps, eye operations camps collaborating with NGOs, Rotary clubs, and Donors. She empowered youth and women’s to opt for self-employment as a career. She is good organiser and good capacity to lead the teams and drive development programmes.

Harsh Patel – Managing Trustee

A budding youth having zeal to contribute his best to better the India. A determined, disciplined and action oriented person with ability to find solutions of the problems encountered. A youth with good leadership capacity to motivate youth and secure their participation in doing good social works.

way of working

Learn about how floyera works

Prosperous living is everyone’s choice but per capita resources are decreasing fast in our country that puts a lot of pressure on sustaining the human lives other lives. The common grasp for prosperity is abundance of wealth but everyone is not fortunate to have huge wealth. There is inequitable distribution of wealth and for millions of people survival is at stake. The rampant use of the natural resources to boost the economy, creates several devastating effects on environment and victims are the common men. We therefore need to view prosperity not only just as wealth but as :

  • An abundance of natural resources.
  • Abundance of biodiversity.

Our failing to leave a good environment for the upcoming generations will create unending problems and natural disasters those will cost billions of dollars and vanishing of several lives.

We therefore need make a shift in attitude from ‘self-centred abundance’ to ‘abundance for all’. This very basic change in attitude can help everyone to live happily.

Fortunately, UN has also set an ambitious agenda for all 7 billion of the world’s people to live happily; defining 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 targets to be met by 2030. So; we need to wake up to this call to ensure that we meet these goals and targets in a progressive manner.

The Government of any country has no enough monetary resources to achieve the above SDGs. Therefore it is evident that people must come forward ‘HELP THEM’ and make a difference.

It is the people who need to identify their bothering problems, they need to join hands with each other, draw out actions plans and fetching necessary resources, they need to address each problem systematically using modern technologies. So people need to drive the process of development instead of leaving everything on the governments.

We therefore thought to play a ‘catalytic’ and ‘facilitator’ role in this process and have developed a vehicle named as ‘FLOYERA FOUNDATION’ to make difference as far possible.

The ‘floyera’ is the Greek shepherd's flute. Flute requires a high degree of patience, discipline and efforts to exhibits an excellence. So; liking these as our values, we have adopted this word and named foundation as a ‘Floyera Foundation’.

Floyera Foundation aims to ensure an area based development may it be a village or of 1 Sq. Km area of cities promoting volunteerism at a greater scale. Because as explained, it is the people who need to come forward to solve the pressing issues adopting a concept of ‘SELF HELP’


We believe that every person has a wish to contribute his/ her best to better the India. What is required is:

  • The comprehension about the issues, they want to address.
  • Identify their own strengths on which they can capitalize.
  • Motivate each other to join hands to work systematically to tackle the pressing issues.
  • Networking with likeminded people in the vicinity.
  • Define goals.
  • Decide right route to work and share responsibilities.
  • Fetch necessary resources.
  • Exhibit best management skills.
  • Maintain continuity overcoming obstacles.
  • Share the fruits of efforts and be happy while making others smiling.

Time is core of everything so time bound programmes and actions plans only can bring the desired results.

Every day offers us another chance to better the India. Why are we then waiting for?


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