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Green Gota

Green Gota

To ensure a real prosperous living for the humans and all living spices, we need to create

  • An abundance of natural resources.
  • Abundance of biodiversity.

Instead of leaving the tasks on Government for conserving natural resources, we as a public need to come forward to contribute our best to leave a good environment for our future generations. So Floyera Foundation aims to expand the scope of volunteerism in India and wants to motivate youth to actively participate to build our Nation. We use digital technology as a platform for the youth to showcase their social face and exhibit their inspiring volunteering works. Floyera Foundation aims to ensure greening of every Sq. Km area and to start with it has picked 1 Sq. Km area of Gota – Ahmedabad.


“Together we can make a difference ", Seeds of Floyera Foundation has started with this beautiful thought and now to make it happen.

Making 1 Sq. Km area of Gota as a perfect model for urban green cover that can ensure maximum sequestration of CO2, moderate temperature and make area a preferred area for living for humans and birds…

1. To ensure maximum sequestration of CO2.

2. Bring down temperature over a time by increasing green canopy in the area.

3. Increase aesthetic beauty and serenity in the area.

4. Improve general liveability and quality of life.

5. Contribute in improving human health.

6. Attract more birds to live in the area & restore ecology as far possible.

Actually there is need to plant 25,000 Trees but space is the constraint so we all need to use every sq. feet of available land for tree plantation meticulously so that maximum trees can be planted.

Phase -1

In first phase we want to plant 100 trees with the support of Volunteers and Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation on

5th June – ‘World Environment Day’

We will plant different trees plants having different heights to check the growth and acclimatisation of planted trees. Idea is to let help children and youth to connect with the trees and nature. with the right knowledge. They will adopt tree and nurture them and inspire others to join the ‘Green Gota Mission’.

Phase -2

Second Phase will be of planting of 1000 Trees once monsoon set and there is enough rain.

On successful completion of Phase-2, we will scale up programmes with acquired experience and support of the volunteers and others.